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7 Must Do Things To Save Money As A Home Owner

  • event_available May 04, 2020
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7 Must Do Things To Save Money As A Home Owner

Being a homeowner is one of the most remarkable life experiences anyone can have. It isn’t just a matter of building credit, although that is obviously important. There is just something to be said for having a space that is yours from top to bottom. Many of us find true peace, when we find a home that truly speaks to us.

At the same time, there are also a ton of responsibilities that go with such peace. Taking care of these issues can be taxing enough. Throw in the amount of money we wind up spending, and the joy of owning your own home can suddenly begin to sour a little bit. Knocking down maintenance costs isn’t as difficult as you might think. Saving even a few bucks a week can ease any burden you might be experiencing.

To that end, here are 7 must do things to save money as a home owner:

Cleaning the dirty carpets with vinegar:

We understand not being crazy over the taste and smell of vinegar? Who is? Nonetheless, vinegar can be a powerhouse at cleaning and removing stains from dirty carpets. From coffee, to most juices, to even red wine, vinegar can accomplish a lot. Simply add some vinegar to a spray bottle, and then apply that spray to the stain in question. Give it a few minutes, and then start blotting out.

Quick shower savings:

Our standard for showers is hot, hot, hot. However, if you can make the switch to warm over hot in the summertime, you can reduce the amount of heat being released into your home. This translates to your house not having to work as hard to cool the area down. It also saves on your hot water usage.

Save thousands on your mortgage:

There is no question that your mortgage represents one of the most stressful things about being a homeowner. What if you could save thousands? Look into a government program known as The Home Affordable Refinance Plan. You can find out in mere moments if you qualify for the program. There are certain requirements to keep in mind, but many people have been able to meet them!

Using Coke as a cleaning product:

This may not sound very appealing, but Coca-Cola is actually quite similar to acidic cleaners. To that end, you can use them for everything from getting greasy stains out of clothes and fabrics, to cleaning out your toilet bowl. You generally won’t need a lot to do these things either, so a single 2-liter bottle can go pretty far.

Get a programmable thermostat:

This one is a slightly higher money investment than our tips, but consider two things. Number one, programmable thermostats are not only quite affordable, but they are considerably more high-tech than they were even five years ago. Number two, a programmable thermostat makes it much easier to run a more energy-efficient household.

Stop paying for most home repairs: Most of us cannot afford the massive costs behind AC repairs, roofing repairs, and other needs. With this new Home Warranty Program that people are raving about, you won’t have to.

Cleaning your microwave:

With the vinegar we mentioned above, you can remove most stains and other undesirables from your microwave. Barring that, combine half-a-lemon with a bowl containing 1 1/4th of a bowl of water. After several minutes, everything should be easy to remove.

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