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Black Friday 2021: Our Top Recommended Items to Snap Up Quick This Year

  • event_available Nov 05, 2021
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Black Friday 2021: Our Top Recommended Items to Snap Up Quick This Year

So, Black Friday 2021 is officially on the horizon, hurray! Being the nice, kind people we are here at Coupon Ninja - we’ve decided to put together a shopping list of the top items you need to snap up this year before they sell out...

We make it our mission to always keep an eye out on the latest deals, as well as the latest trending products and product categories.

So this year, rather than heading into Black Friday like a kid in a candy store rapidly scrolling through every website you’ve ever bought from - here are some types of items that we reckon will sell out pretty quickly, so you can be sure to boost them up to the top of your priority list:

PC’s, Laptops, & Tablets

With more and more people working from home, and not to forget all of the constant Zoom calls *sigh*, PC’s laptops, and tablets are likely to be a bigger hit than ever before this Black Friday.

Since being established in the late 90s, HP has situated itself as one of the top computer developers in the world. At Coupon Ninja, we regularly hold special sales across most of HP’s products, so make sure you check out the HP page on our website for tonnes of great deals this Black Friday including 15% off select business desktops and workstations.

Another great brand to check out ahead of Black Friday is Razor who offer awesome computer equipment for gaming such as headsets, laptops, and desktops. If you’re looking ahead to Christmas shopping especially, then you can use our coupon code to get a free gift with all orders over $129 and win yourself some extra brownie points with your loved one.


We see amazing deals and sell-outs every Black Friday on smartphones, and this year is set to be no different. 

We’re likely to see some great coupons on Samsung smartphones, from $50 off the brand new Samsung A52 with 5G, plus lots more.

If you’re more of an Apple fan, then check out our coupon codes and deals from AT&T who is one of the largest telecom companies in the US. They offer all of the latest iPhones, including potential deals on the brand-new iPhone 13 Pro Max.

Household Appliances

So c’mon, has anyone NOT bought an air fryer or espresso machine this year?! In fact, even from August 2021 compared to the same week in 2020, we’ve seen a 317% increase in the number of Google searches for air fryers in the States alone!

With the more time we’ve spent at home, and the more people that are working remotely moving forward - household appliances are likely to be more popular than ever this Black Friday.

We’re expecting to see sell-outs across a range of products from Best Buy who offer high-quality electronic home appliances at great prices. 

Or check out the online department store, Sears, for coupon codes giving you money off all home appliances purchases. This includes large appliances such as refrigerators that are a great item to try to get a deal on, to small appliances such as food processors, slow cookers, and more.


Black Friday is a great time to upgrade your home sound system with loads of great deals across soundbars. 

It’s the perfect time to splash out on a top-quality speaker from a trusted brand like Sonos, with coupon codes that could get you 15% off the brand-new Sonos Arc Soundbar.

Or you could check out JBL for reasonably priced soundbars with all of the most innovative technology, and don’t forget to check out our JBL page where you can find all of their Black Friday coupon codes and deals.  

Computer Games

If you have a kid *cough* husband *cough* at home, then this one's for you!

Following the latest releases across most computer games, we’re expecting to see huge deals across many games and consoles this Black Friday. And we expect them to sell out quickly!

Our friends over at Instant Gaming offer digital games at great prices, so they should be one of your first ports of call this Black Friday for coupon codes from 15% off all digital games and more. 

Likewise, you could save as much as 80% on computer games with our coupon codes for Gamivo. Gamivo offers thousands of game keys that can be used on both PCs as well as various consoles such as PS4, Nintendo and Xbox. 

Home Tech Gadgets

Let’s be serious, you can never have enough home tech gadgets! But how do you warrant purchasing each and every single one of them? Just cause they’re pretty damn cool?! No…cause they’re on a deal that you cannot refuse!

Every Black Friday, home tech gadgets sell out super quickly. Mostly because your wife’s been telling you for months that you don’t need it, or at least that you can’t buy it until it’s on offer. So, if you’ve had your eye on a home tech gadget for a while now, make sure to add that to the top of your shopping priority list this Black Friday! 

Check out Newegg for loads of awesome gadgets, such as this super-cool popcorn maker - to a, perhaps, slightly more practical WiFi operated home surveillance system. And don’t forget to check out the Newegg coupon codes on our website to save $$$.

Best Buy also offers loads of home tech gadgets, including the increasingly popular smart home gadgets such as smart speakers and smart lighting. To drones, home massage machines, and more! You can find all of the latest Best Buy coupon codes on our website. 


Smartwatches make a great Christmas present every year, so are always hugely popular on Black Friday. And with everyone becoming much more interested in the number of steps they take a day in the last couple of years, we expect these to sell out super fast this year!

Newegg offers a whole range of fitness trackers and smartwatches, from some of the biggest brands on the market including Apple, Fitbit, and more. 

You could, again, also take a look at our Best Buy coupon codes for more offers across the top-of-the-range smartwatches. They currently have offers across Apple watches, Samsung Galaxy smartwatches, and lots more!

Hair Styling Appliances 

Another great Christmas gift purchase, or maybe you just want to treat yourself. Hair styling appliances are just one of those things you don’t want to spend heaps of cash on, so Black Friday deals always go down a treat!

To really impress someone, there’s nowhere better to shop for your hair styling appliances than Dyson. Their innovative technology and precision efficiency make them an absolute fan favourite in the industry!

You can find the best Dyson coupon codes right here at Coupon Ninja. Expect to find deals on shipping costs, free tools, or even price slashes this Black Friday. But be quick, they won’t last long!

And that's a wrap…Happy Black Friday shopping, guys!

For any more money-saving tips or gift guides, you can check out all of our other articles on our website.

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