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How to Get Your Kids Halloween Ready Without Giving Your Wallet a Scare!

  • event_available Oct 01, 2021
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How to Get Your Kids Halloween Ready Without Giving Your Wallet a Scare!

Darker mornings, earlier nights, and colder days… it can only mean one thing. Halloween is just around the corner!

As children we all love Halloween. The costumes. The spooky decorations. The pumpkin carving. And not to forget all the candy!

But for many families this can also mean another relatively large expense. For this reason, we’ve decided to put together a handy guide on how to get Halloween ready without breaking the bank:

Our Halloween Outfit Top Tips

Recycle Old Clothes

We all know that kids grow out of their clothes ridiculously quickly! So why not recycle what they already have and create a handmade Halloween outfit?

There are plenty of Halloween outfits for kids you could make yourself with what they already have. Think about sewing two different outfits together, or simply make holes or rips in them.

Take a look on Pinterest for some creative and easy last-minute outfits.

Shop Second-Hand

If you’re struggling to make a DIY costume out of something you already have, then shopping second-hand can be a great way to find cheap Halloween outfits for kids.

Have a browse through Facebook Marketplace, or give a charity store a try. You may even be able to find a coupon code for charity shops, too.

Do a Swap

To save you even having to spend a penny, why not see if you can find a costume swap?

Kids never want to wear the same outfit two years running, so why not speak to the other parents at school to see if they fancy a trade? Winner, winner!

Look for Coupon Codes

If you have a strong-minded kid who knows exactly what they want this Halloween, we know that a hand-me-down may not always feel like a viable option!

If you do decide to get your kid a brand-new Marvel or Disney character costume this year, then make sure to shop around for any costume coupon codes first.

Our Top Budget Halloween Outfit Ideas


Is there anything easier and cheaper than a couple of rolls of toilet paper?!

A mummy outfit is always a hilarious choice for kids! And best of all, you barely need anything for it. Simply dress your kid in something white, and then get wrapping that toilet roll around!

We recommend using Sellotape or safety pins to keep it in place rather than glue to ensure it is as safe as possible, especially if your children are younger.


If you have old an black top, trousers, dress or even bed linen lying around – then a skeleton costume could be a great, cheap outfit choice.

All you then need is some white fabric paint or even white duct tape to make the bones! If you’re looking for extra spookiness, then white face paint could be a great choice.

A Ghost Outfit Never Goes Out of Fashion!

If your sewing and DIY skills are pretty limited, then a ghost outfit is the one for you!

Simply find an old white bed sheet that you no longer need, cut out holes for the eyes and mouth and you’re good to go. If it’s a bit big, then a belt around the middle could do the job.

Our Halloween Decoration Top Tips

Get Crafting

Head out to your local crafts shop and pick up some coloured paper, white cotton balls, string, googly eyes and you can make some Halloween decorations in no time!

You could make some spiders or bats with just black coloured paper and eyes, or why not try some ghosts with cotton balls? The only thing extra you need is some scissors and glue.

If you don’t have time to head out, you could also check out some of the great arts and crafts stores online with plenty of coupon codes available for free, quick delivery.

Carve Pumpkins

Pumpkins are an absolute must-have at Halloween!

You could decorate your kitchen or living room with them, or they look great outside next to your front door. As well as being a low-cost option for decorations, carving pumpkins can be an awesome activity for all the family to enjoy.

Simply get the family together, scoop out the insides, carve the eyes, nose and a scary mouth and add a candle inside for extra spookiness. Side note, you could also make a great soup out of the remains, too!

Make Your Own Treats

If you get a lot of trick or treaters knocking on your door, don’t panic!

You can still offer the best treats in town on a budget. Rather than purchasing expensive Halloween style candy or chocolate, why not use some normal chocolate you already have in the pantry and melt it into some spooky shapes?

Baking small Halloween cookies or muffins could also be a super fun activity for all the family that could be done relatively cheap. You can find some cheap and easy recipes here.

And there you have it! If you need any more advice on how to get your kids ready for Halloween on a budget – please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

You should also be sure to check out our other articles, too, for tonnes of money saving advice on household bills, vacations, and more.

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